It’s May and it’s a brand new month. If you have a Roth and Ramberg calendar then today you would be viewing a man named Bernard.

Bernard lives in a tiny community called Miquelon. It’s part of a group of small islands just off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. The islands, St Pierre and Miquelon, are owned by France thus- French speaking, 220 voltage and Euro for currency, so needless to say, it was a bit “foreign” to us. The people here are extremely warm and friendly and have no troubles inviting you into their homes.

We met Bernard thru his daughter Patricia. Long story short, she became our tour guide in Miquelon for our few days there. We arrived at Bernard’s house and were greeted with an amazing smile and friendly face. A face so good we had to photograph it of course.

Elise Russell, our writing companion on our trip was stellar. She dug deep into her French lessons and was able to translate and instruct Bernard what we were wanting him to do. He played his violin for us and we just enjoyed the moment. A definite charmer; he was one of many on our visit to Miquelon that made us feel welcome. If you want a copy of our calendar, there are a few left, just send us an email. If you want to read more about our entire trip to St Pierre and Miquelon, you can download our free app and read the behind the scenes magazine OR click here and you can view the magazine on your desktop.