Roth and Ramberg get at rep

It’s been a while since we had a rep. Anna Goodson was our previous rep. She’s not reping anymore, instead she’s pursuing the Meat Market.

As usual, these things just sort of happen, and this time it happened quickly. We had heard of a woman named Gina Hole before, but not in her new capacity of running THEY Rep. Anyway, she recently contacted us about recommending us for a job she was quoting on. One thing led to another and now she officialy our rep.

What does that mean for you? Well, since she is the queen of production that means if needed, we have the capability to manage any size job, pretty much all across the country. Whether it is locations, models, makeup, studios, props, even motorhomes, then Gina knows where to get them. That frees us up to concentrate even more on getting the best photograph possible.

Give her a call, or give us a call and we can manage any project big or small.