Roth and Ramberg update their website

Never ones to sit still, we thought our website needed a change. The old one was fine, I mean nice big photos, clean layout that sort of thing…however it seemed a bit boring. We’ve always been active promoting our work on our blog, or twitter, or instagram but they are all sort of randomly out there. Not really organized in any way.

Well we think we’ve done that now! If you go to the landing page you see a slide show of some of our recent work. The thought being if you dont like our style you dont have to waste your time going further (ie if architecture shots are what you are looking for, we are not the right fit). Also we have our address, phone number and email front and center, to us there is nothing worse than trying to find contact information buried in a website.

The biggest addition is the chaos underneath all that. If you like twitter we’ve got that. If you like blogs the link is there. Instagram link and the last four photos we posted. Vimeo link if youre interested in behind the scenes, 500 px which is where we put our travel photos. There’s also our app which is free to download. Our latest Roth and Ramberg Calendar. Roth and Ramberg, list of our swag, Linked in, facebook, even our photo gear.

To check it out



It's all a bit overwhelming but we know you can handle it. Its meant to be fun, just like we are. So send us a note tell us what you think, follow us on whatever media you like and check back once in awhile to see whats happening at Roth and Ramberg.