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Monster Mission: The Search for Loch Ness

We’ll be hopping in a plane and heading to Scotland with Terri Roberts. Terri works at Target Marketing in St. John’s, Newfoundland as a writer, as you can tell by her well-worded entry, which wooed us to pick hers.

Monster Mission: The Search for Loch Ness
Scotland. Home of Braveheart. The Bay City Rollers. Bagpipes. Deep fried mars bars. Irvine Welsh. Supremely masculine skirts. Haggis. Single malts. Groundskeeper Willie.
The Loch Ness Monster.
The validity of this particular cryptid is all but written off.  The fodder of crack pots and the semi afflicted.  Minus a few souvenir shops, and the odd discredited photo, there’s not much hope.  
But what if it is real? Will it still be there? Was it ever there? What the hell is it anyway?
And just who are the modern day purveyors of such nonsense? Are they sane?  Are the mad?  Do they still exist?  Or are they as hard to find as Nessie herself?
Sure, others have tried.  Gaggles of others.  Hoards, if you will.
But we haven’t… yet.
Let’s go to Scotland and get that one, indisputable piece of evidence that will make us legends. Or village idiots. Whichever.

We had a couple hundred entries submitted. We looked at every single entry and carefully considered each one as a possibility. We narrowed it down to a handful before finally choosing Terri’s proposition to search for the Loch Ness Monster. For the record, she screamed like a little girl when we called to tell her she won the trip.

A huge thanks to everyone who made our calendar contest such a success. We appreciate that so many of you took the time to enter and to spread the word about the contest on social media.

We haven’t booked the flights yet, but we’ll likely be heading out in July to start our escapades with Terri. We’ll be sure to update our blog regularly while we’re out pursuing the mighty Nessie. Follow along… we think we’re up for quite a feat.

Dale and Michele

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