May 20, 2012

Roth and Ramberg and the sushi man

Advertising Photography

We got an email from Brian at Trigger Communications. He had this idea of shooting a photograph of a sushi chef getting ready to cut into a fresh fish. The trick was he wanted to show it from the angle of the fish. What better lens than a fisheye to shoot from the angle of, well, a fish’s eye.

We shot at Momoyama Sushi restaurant in Calgary. It’s located in a tiny strip mall in southwest Calgary. We went in to scout and to have lunch (very yummy sushi) and returned the following week to shoot.

The owner Mark was a great guy. He was the perfect model who not only looked great but was quite adept at holding still. We wanted to get just the right reflection on the blade, which took some pretty precision movements. One thing we learned was the sushi knife he was using cost $1000. Definitely not bought on the shopping channel. The shoot lasted a couple of hours and afterward the prop became our lunch. Mark graciously cooked up the salmon along with some delicious sushi for us. He also included a generous helping of sake. A very civilized way to photograph.  

Some behind the scenes video for your viewing pleasure.

And the final image.