July 20, 2018

Roth and Ramberg and the team

Advertising Photography

The crew had a tiny bit of a sleep in - 8 am, and Dale cooked breakfast for everyone while Michele snuck in a few photos of Hasan in the shower (with tail). We pushed off to the first destination Bonne Bay, located in Gros Morne National Park.

It's a cute little town along the ocean with a tiny main street dotted with cafes, and restaurants and B&B's. We stopped into an awesome cafe located in an old fishing shed. Besides great coffee, the owner Jen has beautiful artwork and ceramics done by local artists, including herself. Jen was our host for the evening as she kindly offered up her house for the crew to stay in.

Yesterday we talked about Hasan, one of the crew of six including us on the trip. Today we want to mention Dan. Dan owns a high tech security company called Chudworth Technology Solutions. Dan was part of last year's calendar and liked it so much his company has come on board as a sponsor. On this trip he graciously donated his company van, as well being our chauffeur, photo assistant and general all around fun guy. His humour has us all rolling in the aisles and we have certainly found ourselves a new friend.

The first shot was in a place in the National Park called the Tablelands. Courtney, our designer and art director on the trip promised it was a 1 km hike to the location along a boardwalk. By the 2 kilometre mark, the boardwalk appeared and we began to set up near a river/waterfall. As you can imagine, having big hairy men with mermaid tails tends to gather a crowd. This one especially did as the tail was made out of chain mail (scale mail to be precise), weighing in at over 40 pounds. Dan in his business suit, wrapped the tail around his neck and made the hike to the first location.

Quite a few of the tourists we met knew all about us as the CBC story has been making the rounds (The story made it on The Weather Network too!) With the first shot under our belt, we headed down the road a few minutes and hiked in to a river to set up for the second shot.

After a quick picnic in the parking lot, we made the trip down the path to the river. Our second merb'y was a local DJ and a great sport as we had him in many, many uncomfortable positions. Again the crew were a big help and by Day 4 it seems we are a well oiled machine. We made the hike back to the Mermobile and drove back to Jen's house. A few beers and stories later we settles in for a good night's sleep.