January 29, 2014

Roth and Ramberg and why they don't do photoshop


Why don’t we do our own photoshop? Well, two reasons.

First - We just aren’t great at it and have no problem admitting it. Don’t get us wrong, we’ve always kept up with photoshop right from version 1.0, but after several years and several versions, we just haven’t had the time to maintain our level of skill. 

Second - We pride ourselves on never saying “no”. In this business we have lots of requests for last minute photoshoots and even last second digital files. Sometimes both combined!! So how do we never say “no” and still provide clients with outstanding digital files? Easy… hire someone who IS great at photoshop!

Since our focus has always been shooting, we’ve had a fulltime photoshopper at the studio since digital photography started. The most recent whiz is a guy by the name of Geoff. He’s happy to do our photoshop, but he prefers to be in the background; so much so, that he doesn’t want to share his last name with the entire world. What he does do, is make our photos have just the right look for each project. If our clients request major compositing, no problem. His only issue, other than an extreme love of pie, is he’s a bit of a perfectionist. We kinda think that’s a good thing, so if he’s not 100 % happy then neither are we. In the end you consistently get print ready, high res digital files. Oh, and no headaches or complaints from the printers.

So if you need top notch photography with top notch photoshop then the crew at R&R can do it. And when you ask for the final file that afternoon, well, we can usually do that too.

Here’s a sample of a job we did for the talented people at Uppercut. The job required us to photograph Mount Alberta located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. We waited for a clear day and off we drove to Golden, BC to board a rented helicopter. The day was perfectly sunny, which was great for the mountain itself, but there were not many clouds in the sky and the goal was to isolate the mountain so it stood out a bit more. With guidance from Uppercut, Geoff built the surrounding area and vignetted the sky a little, giving it a more dramtic look overall.

The result is a great final shot. Check out the video of creating the final shot.