November 6, 2014

Roth and Ramberg are fans of the dory

Calendar, Travel

Give us a colorful fishing boat and we can’t resist. What’s a dory? Dories are basically solid wooden fishing boats. They’ve been around for a long time, but sadly with commercial fishing dwindling,there are very few dories left.

If you have a Roth and Ramberg calendar you should be looking at a man named Rene on the November page. If you don’t have a calendar, let us know and we can send you one, or get you on our list for next year. This year’s calendar trip was to an island owned by France. It is located just off the coast of Newfoundland, but you can be sure it is totally French complete with Euros for currency, 220 voltage, French speaking and fine dining.

While wandering in St Pierre and Miquelon, we found an area with colorful sheds and a row of dories propped up on wooden logs. One evening while photographing there, we ran into a family just bringing their dory up onto the logs. After a quick French conversation, the family arrange to connect us with one of the original fisherman who used that particular dory. That man was Rene.

As with many people we photographed on our trip, Rene was strictly French speaking. Thanks to our travel companion Elise, we were able to communicate and get Rene to pose for us. We do remember Dale saying “les yeux ici” and pointing, which he hoped meant look here?? Not sure if it made sense to Rene, but he quickly figured out what Dale meant. 

This particular photo shoot was close to the last day of our trip and by then we had created a bit of a buzz around St Pierre. The local TV and radio stations were busy shooting and interviewing us that morning. Our few minutes of fame!

By the time we left St Pierre and Miquelon, many of the locals knew who we were and why were there.

It’s a magical place with wonderful people. We can’t wait to go back!

Dale and Michele