July 4, 2013

Roth and Ramberg are going to France... sort of

Travel, Calendar

France, like you’ve never seen or even heard of.

We’ve always wanted to do France for the calendar, but that always seemed a bit cliche for us. Luckily there’s a little bit of France on the wrong side of the water! A part of France that just happens to have a fancier flag. And let’s face it; we really wanted to go somewhere that has a flashy flag to shoot our 2014 calendar. After all, it is our 21st calendar so we were running a little short on ideas for themes and frankly we’ve been busy.

Maybe you could wave this flag and show you liike waving flags! Or you know, support us on our calendar trip. Okay then, maybe you feel like waving this little flag around and taking a photo of it to play a photo game for prizes-snap!

Play the R&R Photo Game

1. Print out the flag here or save it to your desktop

2. Place the flag in a French setting (stuck in a croissant, or photoshopped in a Monet)

3. Post it on Twitter or Instagram with #R&R2014

4. Follow us on Twitter @rothandramberg

Every flag image you submit will be considered an entry at a chance to win great prizes. What kind of prizes? French ones. Like perhaps a French-fry eating French poodle or a French maid. Definitely a few large Roth and Ramberg limited edtions prints from our trip. The prizes are still in the conceptual phase, but if you’re lucky there might be some champagne and a French kiss.

Prizes will be announced on our blog and Twitter, so stay tuned. Follow our trip at rothandramberg.com.

*If you’re old school you can email us your entry and we will post it for you