May 13, 2013

Roth and Ramberg discover wind power


If you have a Roth and Ramberg Calendar, as you flip over to June, you will realize the type of wind power we’re talking about. This is our 20th self promotion calendar and the theme this year was “What’s yer 20?” which is the CB radio term for “What’s your location?” We flew to Chicago and drove to Walcott, Iowa. Why Walcott? Well, it’s home to the world’s largest truckstop, of course.

This is a long haul trucker named MJ Vaughn (CB Handle-Firestarter) and he is one of 20 truckers we photographed at the Truckers Jamboree in Walcott, Iowa this past summer. Since it was our 20th calendar we thought it appropriate to shoot just 20 truckers to see what we could come up with. 

Now, on the other side of the calendar is a photograph of a guy named Wynton Roetlin. We met Wynton somewhere in the middle of Iowa when he pulled over to find out just why we were parked in his long driveway taking photographs.

Within minutes he was posing for the camera. Then he gave us a tour of his farm, and afterward, a visit to his ultimate man-cave which was a few miles down the road.

If you want to read more about these two characters and our roadtrip, then you can dowloand our free


 Also there are behind the scenes of the past three Roth and Ramberg calendars. Oh, and if you need a calendar, well, there are a few left just drop us a line.