March 7, 2018

Roth and Ramberg go spelunking

Advertising Photography

Recently we had an incredible opportunity to take some photos with the wonderful people at Travel Alberta. Our mission, if we chose to accept it, was to hike up a mountain, gear up in coveralls, harnesses, helmets and head lamps, and go inside a deep pitch-black cave. Adding to the fun, we would also have to carry heavy backpacks with our camera gear and lighting. Oh, and to top it all off, we'd be inside the cave for about 6 hours and there's no bathroom.

Michele was able to scout the location a week prior so she was able to get a game plan in mind. The conversation of tight quarters and physical exertion began to scare even the non-claustrophobic Dale and our assistants.

Heading up early morning, we met Max and Brandon from Canmore Cave Tours and gathered our red coveralls, harnesses, etc. The we drove to the base of Grotto Mountain and parked our cars. From there we proceeded to hike the 40 minute climb up to a makeshift tent and benches where we got suited up and started our journey down the cave.

We descended bit by bit handing over every piece of equipment, one at a time, and climbing over, and under, whatever obstacles got in our way. In the end, we shot in several different locations deep within the cave. An experience we will not soon forget.

Michele loved the experience so much that she went back the week after with some friends to do the complete tour, including the 6 story rappel and the tight squeeze called the 'laundry shoot'. You should go too!