May 23, 2013

Roth and Ramberg go to the zoo

Advertising Photography

Recently we had the opportunity to take some photographs at the Calgary Zoo. Ad agency Trigger and the Calgary Zoo are rolling out a new campaign and needed some shots of kids falling in love with the penguins and gorillas. Art Director Brian Allen sent over some sketches to give us the general idea. We had to source talent and clothing, as well as hair and makeup.

We scouted the zoo a few days before to get the best location. For the penguins, it was right in the middle of the action, shooting from where the penguins hang out back to where the people view. In the gorilla’s case, we didn’t have the luxury of standing where the gorillas were, but there was an overlook that worked just fine.

We did a behind the scenes video just so you could get a feel for what went on. It turns out that the penguins are quite friendly.

Here are the final photos, hearts included.