May 9, 2014

Roth and Ramberg in Applied Arts Photography Annual 2014


We are happy to share that we have three entries in this years Applied Arts Photography Annual. Two of those entries were in categories we had never won in before.

First up: Complete Calendar

We’ve entered this one a few times over the years, but never walked away with a final placing. This year we did win with our trip to St Pierre and Miquelon. Where is that you ask? Well if you are from the East Coast of Canada you may know about some tiny islands about 30 miles off the coast of Southern Newfoundland. Its a French colony and it is called St. Pierre and Miquelon. There you will find wonderful people, colorful houses, great French wine and food, and a place where very few speak English. Below are some of the people we met on our trip. If you want a copy of our calendar please send us an email, if you want to read more about our trip to St. Pierre, including an entire magazine of stories and photos then download our free app or click here to read it. The people that made this project happen. Writer: Elise Russell Designer: Sue McGillivray Printer: Kallen Printing Client:Roth and Ramberg

Second category Editorial:

First time entering and first time winning! This was from a series of photographs of a married couple who had both survived the holocaust. Listening to their stories was to say the least, incredibly moving. It was one of those photoshoots that reminds you that our little problems in life are in fact quite minuscule. An incredibly strong women who along with her husband talk as much as they can about the Holocaust. The reason they do is so that it will never ever happen again. If you look close you can see her tattoo with her number given to her at the concentration camp. The client for this project was Mount Royal University and the Art Director Michal Waissmann.

Last up Advertising.

Now we have been in this category before but this time we were extremely proud and happy to have one of our photos from a series we shot at a horse ranch in Southern Alberta. The client was Travel Alberta and this particular image has won many awards internationally as well. We are proud of the fact the only photoshop done on the image was just for color and curves, nothing manipulated or rearranged, rather just Alberta in its natural beauty. Agency: Venture Communications Art Director: John Halliday