May 30, 2014

Roth and Ramberg meet Roger

Calendar, Travel

It’s the beginning of June and if you have a Roth and Ramberg calendar you’ll be looking at a wonderfully friendly looking man. His name is Roger Etcheberry.

Roger lives in Miquelon, a tiny community that is part of a bigger archipelago called St Pierre and Miquelon. It’s a colony owned by France but is located just off the southern coast of Newfoundland. It’s the real deal as far as France goes; french-speaking, Euros, 220 voltage, and alogn with French food and wine. Truly one of the hidden gems in North America!

We arrived at Roger’s home and we were greeted with a giant welcome. He began talking. We were enthralled with our conversation with Roger. He is a self-taught naturalist with drawers and shelves full of books, plant samples, photographs of whales (apparently every whale is different and you can tell which whale you are looking at by the markings of their tails).  As with most naturalists?? he’s more comfortable walking around in bare feet so that’s exactly how we wanted to photograph him.

He is a passionate advocate for St Pierre and Miquelon and if you ever have the opportunity to go there and visit we can guarantee Roger will greet you with big smile and a story or two.

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