July 17, 2018

Roth and Ramberg meet the Merb'ys

Advertising Photography

So when your friend’s at Ray Agency call and ask if you want to come to Newfoundland for a week-long shoot, you immediately say yes! When they tell you it’s to shoot a Merb'ys calendar for the Beard and Moustache Club of Newfoundland and Labrador, you say F$#k yes! What’s a Merb'y? Well, imagine a mermaid being, big, hairy and, well, a boy (b'y).

We flew into St John’s late last night and today was a 6 am start. Our van, with Uhaul in tow, appropriately named the Mermobile, slowly made its way to Cape Spear. Cape Spear is the Eastern most point in North America. It has a beautiful lighthouse and a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean. The more we drove, the heavier the rain became. As we pulled into the parking lot, it began to ease up a little and the skies started to clear. 

Like Sherpas, we hiked our way up the steep stairs, gear in tow, to set up our first shot - the cover! Slowly, ten merb'ys, with tails in hand, made their way up, and as if on cue, the sun came out and the lighting turned into magic. The rain stopped long enough and so began our adventure. A few rain soaked portraits later, we loaded up the Uhaul and made the short drive to a beautiful fishing stage located in picturesque Petty Cove.

Needless to say the sight of merby’s on the dock attracted some curious onlookers. News traveled so fast CBC showed up to do an interview with Hasan Hai the President of NLBMC.

The shoot wrapped up and 6 of us climbed into the Mermobile. Daniel - driver and newly crowned photo assistant, Courtney - production designer at Ray Agency, Claire - wardrobe and glitter queen, Hasan and the two of us. Destination -Goobies Irving Big Stop for dinner and overnighting in Port Rexton.  

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