June 27, 2011

Roth and Ramberg out standing in the field

Advertising Photography

Summer is here... What does that mean for a photographer? Hopefully it means your clients will have the time and budget to do all those photographs that need to be done while the weather cooperates. This job was a perfect example of the client knowing exactly what they need and when they needed it to be done.

We got a call from Bos in Toronto who had noticed our work in Applied Arts. They had a job for their agriculture client Syngenta, located in Calgary. The client approved a shoot to be done at the end of summer when the wheat was at its peak height, just before harvest time. They needed a photograph of a young farmer in a field with his trusty dog by his side.

We sourced the actor and tracked down a trusty, well-trained dog and then waited until the wheat was just about to be harvested. The night of the shoot was one of those perfect summer nights that all photographers dream of.