July 17, 2018

Roth and Ramberg return to Twillingate

Advertising Photography

Day two of our adventure began with the sound of the fog horn in the distance as we all rolled out of our various bunk beds. Last night's accommodations were located in a hostel in the small town of Port Rexton, about a three hour drive West of St John's. Besides having a cool hostel, the town boasts a local brewery, appropriately named Port Rexton Brewery Company, and the brewery is where we began our day (taking pictures, not drinking).

Inside, the taproom looks like it's made for a giant shed party, with a wicked bar, plenty of seating, and a spot to set up and play music. Our three merb'ys arrived and sat down for makeup, while we lit the interior of the taproom, focusing mainly on the bar area. Breakfast was served by Oh My Cheeses (say it with a Newfoundland accent and you will get the pun). The majority ordered the Kevin Bacon grilled cheese sandwich... yum.

The shoot ended with a few samples of beer before we headed off in the Mermobile for the long drive to Twillingate. Dan, the driver, took over while the rest of us caught up on some much needed rest.

During the drive/napping, various phones went off in the vehicle. Friends and family were texting that

they had seen us on the CBC news

, not only in Newfoundland, but nationally. Big Score for the Beard and Moustache Club and their goal to raise money for charity.



Twillingate is one of our favourite places in Newfoundland. We have been extremely fortunate to have visited this classic fishing village on three other occasions. In fact, we saw our first iceberg very close up in this town, which ended up as little bits of thousand year old ice cubes floating in our whisky.

Our next shot was on the beach were we met up with Crystal. She had organized everything in Twillingate for us. We also met our next Merb'y, Mark, who along with his mother, had custom-made his own tail out of seal skin, with some tartan thrown in for good measure.

Mark was a bit nervous being a model but he handled it like a pro. The sun beat down on him, and us, but we all managed to plow through to get a killer photo! After a quick stop at the Bed and Breakfast to unload and charge our gear, we headed directly back to the beach where Crystal had a fire going and the best cod chowder a person could ask for, complete with local beer and good conversation, it was again one of many wonderful nights spent in the Canada's friendliest province.