July 13, 2012

Roth and Ramberg say a big 10-10


Well, we woke up this morning a little more refreshed. The last day of the Trucker Jamboree and also the last day of our shoot. We made it to the Mecca. The mother-of-all truck stops located in Walcott, Iowa. Complete with restaurants, a dentist, a barber, a chiropractor, mechanics, a chapel, a truck-o-mat, a laundromat, a trucking museum, a movie theatre, and lots of chrome. While seeing all the sights was really cool, our goal, however, was to photograph truckers. 

Well, wouldn’t you know it, as we drove in we saw a moustached trucker with a big cowboy hat. We pulled over and set up a shot of Jerry and his red Kenworth. Fifty one years of truck driving and still going strong. Back in the day his CB handle was ‘Wildcatter’. It seems not many truckers are on CB radio anymore. He was a great character and super nice guy! We wrapped up and then we headed to the heart of the jamboree.

We wandered around the jamboree for a while. Rows and rows of vintage trucks. All the brands: Mack, Peterbilt, International, Freightliner, Kenworth and more. Also a section of trucks loaded with of bling, even some with hardwood floors in the cabs; all with proud owners by their trucks just talking about their passion. 

We decided to shoot some black and white portraits on a white background, similar in style to Richard Avedon’s American West series. We managed to score a tent from a friendly trucker so we could be covered from the ever-changing weather. We set up right beside the Interstate 80 and shot with the sounds of trucks rolling by. A perfect setting for photographing truckers.

What better way to end our ‘What’s yer 20?’ trip than photographing 20 truckers. Young, old, families… you name it. Whoever we saw, we asked. Mainly wanting to show the faces of trucking. Perhaps a photo exhibit down the road?

Now we’re heading down the I-80, talking to truckers on the CB. Destination Chicago. We have half a day there tomorrow to explore then back home.

Thank-you Iowa! And Illinois too!

Dale, Michele and Dana (aka: Hotshoe, DangerGril and AirHorn Danny)