January 10, 2013

Roth and Ramberg say everyone mustn't get stoned

Self Promo

We decided we needed to do a promo to advertise the fact we have two offices. One in Calgary and the other in Vancouver. The idea was simple. If someone need to do a photo with greenery, well, it’s pretty hard to pull off in Calgary from Nov-April so we wanted our clients to know that we can pull off for them in Vancouver.

We contacted creative guy Brad at Wax and asked if he would help.

It started out as a simple postcard. Playing up on the fact that since we have a BC office we know where the “grass” is. So Brad wanted us to look as if we are super stoned. A great and fun idea.

The problem is the more we thought about it, the more cautious we became. We have a lot of corporate clients as well as advertising clients. Some of those corporate clients are in the oil industry. We couldn’t take a chance that after seeing the promo they would be concerned we might be smoking something and going on site. Most of these places have a definite drug policy, and as suppliers, we are part of it.

So we tossed around some ideas of what we could do. It is obviously meant to be a joke, so why not treat it as one. If it were any other assignment we would handle it in a professional way. Do our research, come up with how best to execute and bring in the right people to make that happen.

The idea became a “making of” video. We got the talented Ryley Burghall from Joe Media to shoot video shotgun style. Leah Van Loon to help us with the wardrobe, and Teslin Ward for makeup.

We sourced the furniture and wallpaper, clothing. We did our research by watching classic Cheech and Chong and accomplished the stoned look via onions to make our eyes red, and severe makeup by Teslin.

 Here are some behind the scenes photos and of course the behind the scenes video.

Hope you enjoy!