July 19, 2011

Roth and Ramberg say goodbye to Scotland


Well we made it back.

We didn’t find the monster. We did however meet some people who did. Everyone has a theory and we can’t wait to share our photos and stories, but you will have to wait until December.

What can we say other than thank-you Scotland. It’s a wonderful place with great people. We spent the last day in Scotland driving to Edinburgh and just enjoying the scenery. It’s a beautiful country. We will definitely be back.

The trip ended perfectly as we all enjoyed a deep fried Mars bar and made our way back to the hotel in Edinburgh.

Now the work begins as far as editing and designing next years calendar. We’re looking forward to the calendar launch party in December. Perhaps we can video link with our new friends at the Fiddlers Inn at the same time.

A special thanks goes to Terri Roberts who had the idea in the first place. She was a great travel companion and was kind enough to do the writing for us on our trip. Also a big thanks to the people at Target who let Terri sneak away with us!!

Here are some photos we took for fun on the last day.

Thanks for reading the blog and stay tuned.