October 1, 2014

Roth and Ramberg say its been a busy summer


It’s been a busy summer, loaded with great clients and wonderfully creative jobs. We are fortunate and thankful for all those who we’ve worked with the past few months and of course over the years.

Anyway, now it’s October 1st and we’ve missed a few months of our calendar, so now would be a good time for us to catch up. For those who don’t know, we travel to a location every year and photograph a desk calendar which we send to clients and hopefully future clients.

If you have a calendar, flip yours all the way back to July, there you will see a man named Francois. Francois is a retired fisherman. Back in the day, Miquelon was a busy fishing area. Sadly, the fish stocks depleted and because of its close proximity to Canada, the Canadian governments ban on fishing basically left them with no area to fish. We were a bit nervous about explaining we were from Canada, but there seemed to be no hard feelings. That or Francois spoke no English and we spoke almost no French. Again thanks to our writing companion Elise, because she saved the day by translating and walking us thru the photoshoot with Francois.

Next up August: Every calendar trip we have our favorite photo or experience and meeting Jules was definitely one of the highlights. It’s our favorite photo in the calendar. We were sad to learn that Jules passed away before he got to see the calendar. We received many emails from friends and family telling us of the sad news. It’s a strange experience for photographers to meet and photograph people who later pass away. People like Jules have a special place in our heart. Like his friends and family, we have a reminder that makes us smile with warm memories.

September-Sylvie and Christophe: The day we arrived in St Pierre we found a patisserie shop loaded with yummy goodness, and our favorite dessert- macarons! They make the best we have ever tasted! After days of stuffing ourselves full of those delicious treats, we finally asked if we could take their photo.  They were super nice people who invited us into their lovely garden afterward for a glass of wine. The French sure know a thing or two about apres-photoshoots!

Which brings us to today and the beginning of October: There you will see two men, Jean Jacques and Javier, standing holding some wooden paddles. Now before you get carried away with your dirty imagination, we have to explain that they play a game called Pelotte Basque, which can be best described as outdoor squash. Behind them is the court they play on which is located pretty much in the middle of St Pierre.

There are much more stories to tell about our experiences with all of these people and if you have a few minutes click


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Oh and if you don’t have a calendar there are few left and we would be happy to send one to you!