May 13, 2019

Roth and Ramberg shoot lifestyle

Advertising Photography

Whether it be corporate, industrial, agriculture or in this case, real estate developers, often we are asked by our clients to shoot on location and come away with a library of photos.

Westcorp requested photos of Versus, one of their properties in Calgary. It's a hip upscale rental condominium geared toward a younger audience. The facilities are impressive. They included a beautiful gym, industrial kitchen, games area, etc.

Whenever possible, we prefer to scout out the location to sort out how the day is going to unfold and what lighting equipment we'll need. During the scout we visualize where the sun will be and when to get the best and most efficient schedule. The goal is to create a consistent library of images as well as a distinctive style to enhance the brand.

The wish list was extensive and we knew we would have to move quickly and efficiently to capture all the images desired. It's times like these that our years of experience allow us to troubleshoot and handle the pressures associated in shooting quickly.

With the plan in place and a great production crew, along with a group of wonderful models, the day flowed easily and we ended up having more images than the client required.