May 12, 2023

Roth and Ramberg get naked.

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ROth and Ramberg GEt naked

Normally when you get an email with the subject line, "NAKED PEOPLE," one tends to send it straight to the spam box, but when we noticed it was sent from our friend and Creative Director Jeff Mclean, we opened it with curiousity...

Jeff asked us to quote on an interesting project. The brief was to photograph “naked", people doing various outdoor activities. Hiking, gardening, horseback riding, dog walking and golf. The client was a tick spray company, based on the East coast. Since the email came in March, and the average temperature for most of Canada then is -3 degrees celsius, (Brrr!) we chose to shoot in Vancouver, where it would be closer to 6 celsius. 

Location scouting started and we ended up choosing to shoot half in serene Squamish, where it's a little more secluded- and half in our beloved Vancouver.

Fortunately our assistant at our Vancouver office is an actress/singer/model, and apparently knows quite a few people who have no problem being photographed naked. We cast a fantastic mix of brave models, and we were off!

The shoot was spread over 4 days, which was great, because it really gave us time to craft each photo.  In some instances, (hiking and biking) we took the shotgun approach and jumped straight into each location, covering models between shots, and hoping we wouldn't get caught naked in the woods! The other locations we secured through wonderful, open-minded and accomodating BC businesses, and also through some  friends. 

Of course we can't show any of the more "delicate bits", of the human anatomy in photos for a national ad, so we had to get very creative with the right angles, poses and props. It was both challenging and fun, and needless to say- many laughs were had along the way.
The models were great, and the locations worked out perfectly. The weather cooperated for the most part, and the scenery and skies were enchanting and beautiful. 

Another project for the books, that we won't soon forget at Roth and Ramberg. 

Read about the agency and strategy here

*The client  for this series of photos is Atlantick Repellent Products, whose spray is both 100% narural and deet free. So if you feel like stripping down and spending a little time "au naturale", in Mother Nature- you may want to get some for yourselves!*

Also shot some b roll for Instagram ...down below