November 5, 2021

Roth and Ramberg shoot stills and video

Roth and Ramberg shoot video and stills.

We've known of and have done a few jobs with Nicole Gomez of Fuze Reps out of Toronto. We were excited when she reached out with a project for Rogers. Doubly excited as it involved both stills and video. Since Covid began we've been teaching ourselves the ins and outs of video, lighting and composition are fine, but it's the subtle movements and transitions that we are learning as we go along. The hardest part will be making it become second nature and learn to adapt and "fly by the seat of our pants".. fortunately we have two pairs. The project involved a number of photographers across the country and we were in charge of the Alberta portion. After a team meeting with the other photographers, the Red Camera was chosen, as well as the Hasselbald system for the stills. Not being familiar with the Red Camera we brought in the folks from Glean Productions to rent and operate the video cameras and lighting and in this case we became the director, albeit with a little help from them!

Both shoots involved actual employees from Rogers so that required a little extra "massaging" as we know it can be intimidating to have your photo taken never mind shooting video. The mandate from the ad agency was to capture the models relaxed and natural. Without tooting our own horn too much, this is something we feel we excel in. Over the years we've met many people from all walks of life and have almost developed or own method of making them feel comfortable.

Side note- when we reach a class at the local photography school we always tell the students.."be slightly dumber than the person you are photographing, which for me (Dale) is quite easy as I'm not that smart". The point is that everyone has some knowledge or specialty that they can easily talk about, something most of us have never experienced so if you show an eagerness to learn and appreciate why they say then it tends to work smoothly. We've somehow managed to hone our listening skills and pick up on their verbal cues (some like to joke, others more conservative each person is a different and the trick is to figure them out to the best of our ability in 10 minutes and start having them relaxed and relate to us

We opted to do the still photos first as it would allow us to build the rapport and conversation in the hopes the video portion would be easier. What we didn't take into account how much the video portion is different. With extra crew and a camera pointing at them a few our subjects became a bit overwhelmed, especially when they each had to read a line over and over. As the day went on we got a better handle on that and their were some real fun emotional moments that may make a directors cut down the road. We are super happy with how it all turned out and looking forward to more down the road.

Here are the photos and an edited version of a video they produced ( just our photos)

As they say "that's a wrap"

Dale and Michele