November 7, 2013

Roth and Ramberg shoot with ZGM

Advertising Photography

We got an email from Kristen Thompson at ZGM. They were working on a campaign for Deerfoot Mall and needed some photos done. They sent over some sketches and we thought it would be a fun to do and luckily for us we got the job.

The job involved some interesting propping-workboots, antlers, Santa outfit, hardhat etc. We spent the next few days tracking down the props. The antlers we finally sourced and found in Vernon BC. They were unable to ship to Alberta without filling out the proper paperwork (learn something new) so we shipped them to Vancouver instead. We shot the boots and Santa shot in the Calgary office, and the antlers with hardhat in the Vancouver Office.

Our photoshop whizz, who prefers to be nameles, combined, tweaked and composited the photos. Below are the final posters.