August 11, 2016

Roth and Ramberg teams up with Air Labrador for Big Land adventures


Go big or go home. Every year, we try to find a new, exciting location to shoot our annual calendar. But this year, we really wanted to go big. We couldn’t think of anywhere bigger than Labrador. After all, it’s not called the Big Land for nothing.

So we’ve teamed up with Air Labrador and Ray Agency for an epic two-week adventure in one of the most beautiful, remote Northern destinations in Canada. We’ll be posting photos and updates daily, and you can follow our travel blog at

DAY 1: (A Retrospective)

Posted by Terri

I met up with Dale and Michele at the St. John’s Airport. Dale had just spent a week with his family touring around the Island while Michele was fresh off an all-nighter flight from Calgary (and surprisingly perky).

We set off for Goose Bay aboard Air Labrador and enjoyed the beautiful sunny day from twenty-something thousand feet. Dale and Michele being Big Land first timers (and me with limited mileage) we were more than a little excited. But still managed to squeeze in a nap.

After securing the world’s largest van, we made our way to North West River, just a short drive outside of Goose Bay for some evening snaps.

Thanks to a chat in the local store over a harmonious ice-cream slushie concoction, we were literally led by a very kind man to a look out site above the community. There we stumbled upon a young woman sitting in a car eating sunflower seeds. The front tires were dug into a pile of loose sand, and it was obvious she wasn’t going anywhere.

She was waiting for her boyfriend to return with reinforcements, and was happy to pass the time getting her photograph taken, just as the moody, pinkish skies did their magic on an already magical scene.

As we chatted back and forth, she told us she watches the sunset there every evening. And I could totally see why.

When the reinforcements arrived, and the towing plan didn’t work quite cut it, we (miraculously) helped pushed the car out. I lost a flip flop. Dale and Michele gained a photo. And the car was back on the road. Much like us.

After a quick bite to eat, and a scan of the day’s visual haul, we were off to bed. Tomorrow promised to be an early rise. And we couldn’t wait to see what exactly it had in store.