July 10, 2014

Roth and Ramberg travel to the Bronx


10 Days, 365 photos. We’re shooting our 2015 calendar in New York City… one photo for every day of the year.

Day 8 - The Bronx

Today we ventured into the last of the five boroughs - The Bronx. Whenever a film is based in New York City and they want it to look dangerous and decayed then they film it in The Bronx. Who can forget the cult movie ‘The Warriors’ or the restaurant in ‘The Godfather’. We’re here to say The Bronx has an unnecessary bad rap. We’re sure there are parts that might be scary at night like any other city, but we found people to be warm and friendly. The community is revitalizing with some great areas. We hooked up with a proud local resident named Alexandra who has taken it upon herself to change The Bronx image. We think she’ll succeed.