July 15, 2013

Roth et Ramberg finir avec le style


The first thing we did this morning was get gas—over 100 Euros of it. A 2003 Ford Explorer fuel tank holds about 85 litres and this morning our tank gulped down 80. Not sure if that’s luck or karma, but we’ll take it.

Fame caught up with us today in the form of a local TV and radio station crew. They found us near the docks taking photos of an old fisherman. We’ve always been suckers for good fishing tales and this man has over fifty years of experience to pull from. What an extraordinary life complete with unbelievable truths. Thank goodness he came with an interpreter or we would have seriously missed out.

It’s a bit hard to go unnoticed in a town of 6000 people, although we did fairly well considering this was our last day. We can’t emphasize enough how local we’re beginning to feel. This afternoon we accepted an invitation to have ice cream and beer in the baker’s secret garden. The storefront was adorable, but we’d have never guessed there was a spacious garden full of peonies hiding on the other side.

The finals days are always a jam-packed blur, trying to get everything in. Over the course of the day we orchestrated four shoots and still found time to say farewell to a few of our Saint Pierre friends and purchase some last minute souvenirs.

Tomorrow we have one quick shoot and then we’ll be back on the plane heading home. Time to get back to normal and catch-up with our families, friends and clients. Thanks for following our journey; the 2014 calendars will be mailed out in December. Let us know if you’d like to be added to the list.

Au revoir Saint Pierre et Miquelon.