July 14, 2013

Roth et Ramberg poussent a la finition


Today was day ten of our adventure in Saint Pierre and Miquelon. It was also Bastille Day, formally called La Fête Nationale, the biggest holiday of the year. Add that to the language barrier, and sourcing models gets more challenging. We had to be more strategic because working on normal days off is frowned upon here, let alone a national holiday. There was a football match, music, dancing, games, boat races, plenty of confetti and lots of eating and drinking.

Our methods are great for making friends and helping raise the number on the bathroom scale. Luckily we managed to fit in a walk—but this was squeezed in between eating and drinking, and eating and drinking. So it may only have burned off half a macaron.

After twenty years of trips to shoot calendars we know that you make friends faster over food and drinks. It’s an unavoidable fact. We keep showing our faces at certain eateries to get to know the owners better. It’s paying off; we’ve lined up five shoots for tomorrow and have a great excuse to get new wardrobes. Win-Lose. We’re thankful it’s almost time to go home as we’ve already eaten our height in macarons.

Tomorrow is going to be a long one, but we’re excited about the moments we’ll be capturing.

Plus qu’un jour.