Covid 19

Covid 19 update and protocols moving forward for Roth and Ramberg Photography.

With hard work we hope to move forward back to some type of normal routine so we want to make clear what we have been doing and will continue to do moving forward.

We have 3 employees at Roth and Ramberg. One employee is our photoshop tech and he is working from home practising all Covid protocols regarding social distancing and more importantly staying home. Michele and I are also following every necessary precaution to help this come to a quicker end, but to also give peace of mind to the people and companies we will be taking photographs for as we initially come out of the” Stay at Home” phase. Michele and I have been with immediate family only and venture away from our homes for necessities and exercise. The new company policy will be: If one of us feels even a slight cold, etc. they are staying home until it is confirmed to be nothing serious or a quarantine, if all else fails. Above all, we want to remain healthy, not only for ourselves but for the entire community.

Work wise, obviously changes will occur. Taking photos generally is practiced from a safe distance and quite isolating. Right now we are accepting in-studio still life photos that we can have the products dropped off and sanitized, or picked up and sanitized and following all precautions regarding touching and hand washing. If someone wishes to art direct the photo shoot we can send them screen grabs or jpegs to their remote location. 

In studio we of course have sanitized everything. All the equipment, surfaces etc. We are working from home right now and go to the studio when necessary. The person we are photographing can arrive knowing we have taken all steps to keep them safe. Sanitizer will be on hand for the subjects after they touch doors, light switches, elevator buttons etc. All lights and equipment will be set up ahead of time so the subject is kept on site for as little time as possible.

We will instruct each person to arrange their own clothing and or makeup so we keep our 2m distance from them. As of now, we plan to not have a mask but if that changes we will be prepared OR if the subject or client would prefer us in masks and or gloves we can accommodate.

The same principles apply for photos on location. We would bring in our sanitized gear. Arrive and set up alone, washing or sanitizing before we do as to not contaminate any equipment. Photograph one person at a time maintaining distances at all times. We would instruct the individual on their clothing and makeup and we would not enter their space. If a makeup person is required then they would be wearing a mask and gloves. Gloves would be thrown away after use and mask either disposed of or washed/sanitized. After taking the photos, we would pack up the gear, exit, wash and sanitize all gear when we get back to the studio.

We feel any large photoshoot that involve multiple people should at this time be discussed and co-ordinated to have all safety protocols. However any agricultural, industrial, architectural, tourism type photos that require no people should be simple to execute when the getting back to work happens.

We will keep updated these protocols and we will update on our website for all to read.