Roth and Ramberg present 'Random Acts of Photography'

It’s that time of year- the launch of the annual Roth and Ramberg Calendar.

As commercial photographers, our job is to capture a moment ­­­­­- to document an instance that will never be repeated exactly the same way again. It’s about the details. The experience. Yes, we take pictures for a living, but we rarely put down our cameras down or stop looking at the world and what is happening endlessly around us.

This year’s calendar is titled Random Acts of Photography and the images inside are exactly that… random. Rather than showcasing our commercial work, we decided to show what inspires us to take photographs in our everyday world.

We worked with a talented team to bring it all together. The calendar was designed by Sue McGillivray from [e]merge creative and printed by Kallen Printing. Here is a behind-the-scenes video of the exceptionally complex printing/binding process and a sneak peek of some of the images.


Dale and Michele


Roth and Ramberg shoot for Rethink/Molson

JULY 13, 2015

Recently we had the opportunity to work with Rethink on their Molson campaign. The job consisted of two photos featuring Alberta Barley. Our rep Gina (They Rep) organized model, location and prop stylist and we were soon off in a motorhome to Southern Alberta. We spent the day waiting for the perfect light and weather. Creative Director Leia Rogers was on hand to oversee the shoot and did a stellar job.

As usual our in house photoshop guy who did an incredible job putting everything together! Thanks Geoff

Here are some behind the scenes photos from the day as well as the two final billboards.

Roth and Ramberg on a winning streak

It all started back in April at the 2015 Anvil Awards when our self promotion calendar (10 days in NYC) won a merit in self promotion and an Anvil in Best Photography. A big thanks to the Ad Rodeo Association for hosting a great event and congratulations to all who entered!

Next up:  The latest issue of Applied Arts – 2015 Photography Annual we were happy to have our some of our personal work selected as award winning. This photo is part of an ongoing series of stand up paddleboarding. This photo was taken in Glacier National Park in Montana, we’ve also included a few more from the series.


Lastly, our photography self-promotion (10 days in NYC) won in PDN magazine in the latest Photography Annual. The award was in the self promotion category, and needless to say, we were ecstatic to see all our hard work and the work of designer Sue McGillivray, production Shelley Nordin and printer Kallen Printing being showcased at an international level.






Roth and Ramberg shoot for Tourism Calgary

This past summer we teamed up with Venture Communications and shot various locations for their client Tourism Calgary. The campaign is just starting to roll out so we thought we would share some of the photos with you.

This first series of photos were shot at the Calgary Folk Music Festival. We were able to shoot at ground level, as well as from the air! We shot journalistic shots until the sun went down. As dusk was approaching, we locked down our tripod and shot the festival goers as a high res panoramic. A total of 9 Hasselblad files were stitched together to make a massive file that can look great no matter how it’s cropped or how large it gets used.


The aerial was shot the following day around sunset. The weather gods cooperated as the light was nice and warm and pretty much as you see here.

The next location we shot at was Heritage Park Historical Village.


In this scenario, we followed a family around and got some journalistic shots of them enjoying the park. One of the images was selected for the cover of the 2015/2016 Visitor Guide.

The next location was at National 8; a great bar in the heart of downtown Calgary, with the largest rooftop patio in Western Canada. Similar to the Folkfest, we shot journalistic until the sun went down and then did a panoramic shot at dusk.





Roth and Ramberg win at the 2015 Anvil Awards

The Ad Rodeo Association held their annual Anvil Awards this past weekend in Calgary.

Having offices in both Calgary and Vancouver, we are big believers in supporting local awards and showcasing the great work that is being done. This year the ceremony was held at Arts Commons. 


The photography competition was extra tough this year and we were up against some excellent work. So it was a bit of a surprise to hear our names called as the winners of the Photography category. We won with our annual self-promotion calendar 10 days in NYC.

As an added bonus, the calendar also placed second in the self-promotion category.


Of course we didn’t produce the calendar on our own. We would like to thank Sue McGillivray from E-merge Creative for the design, Shelley Nordin for the production work and the crew at Kallen Printing for the printing. 

Thanks to judges: Sanya Grujicic, Helen Pak, Rob Tarry, Jason White, Aaron Wiggan.

A big thanks to the Ad Rodeo Association for organizing a great event, and also to all who entered!

Dale and Michele

Roth and Ramberg say goodbye to St. Pierre et Miquelon and hello to NYC

It’s the end of one year and the beginning of another. Last year was busy with great projects and even better clients. A big thanks to all who we had the pleasure to work with!

As most of you know, we do a self promotion calendar every year. Last year we went to a little known French colony called St. Pierre et Miquelon. St Pierre et Miquelon, a small group of islands off the coast of Newfoundland, is all France mixed with a bit of Canadian east coast. The houses are colourful and the people incredible. We had the pleasure to make some new friends there. Miss December is a woman named Marie Luce. She and her husband own a health food grocery store. The day we photographed her they were waiting for the boat to arrive with new supplies. She graciously met us before the store opened so we could set up and shoot. A big thanks to her and to all the people in St Pierre et Miquelon. We will definitely be back one day.


Now if you are on our mailing list you will have received, or will be receiving our 2015 self promotion calendar. This past summer we travelled to NYC and spent 10 days shooting. This year we tried something different and took a more journalistic approach. In a way, we went back to our photography roots. When we began our career over 20 years ago, we loved shooting natural, almost journalistic black and white photos, and it still applies to some of our work today. We love a more natural feel to our photography, especially our portrait and industrial work.

The calendar itself consists of 365 black and white photos of NYC - the goal was to shoot in all 5 boroughs (Brooklyn, The Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island and Queens). We shot just for the love of photography and to push ourselves out of our comfort zone by shooting documentary/street photography. We are happy with the results and through the process we found a renewed passion for the love of photography. We hope you enjoy our choices. If you want to see all 365 photos together, we have created a gallery on our website.


Hope you have a happy and healthy New Year!

Dale and Michele