A lot of times we are asked to create images for a homebuilder/community. The people at Caivan graciously contacted us to do just that. In addition to the neighbourhood and lifestyle photos, we also photographed their award winning team.


Being frequent fliers and also supporters of Westjet, we were happy to have had the opportunity to take photos of the new swanky lounge at the Calgary Airport. Working alongside Nick Thomas and his video crew, we spent three days shooting and documenting the space. Thanks Oliver Agency and Westjet!

Real People Right Next Door

Our Vancouver studio is located in a little neighbourhood called Hasting-Sunrise. What struck us initially about the neighbourhood was the sense of community. The small business owned by the people who lived nearby. From the local butcher to the shoemaker, this place is full of interesting people and perhaps is one of the last "great" neighbourhoods. We decided to document it before it changes. The photos ended up being used as our annual Self -promotion calendar.

Cabin Brewery

We are happy to have some good friends who started their own craft brewery. We were asked to get some photos of the taproom as well as shoot some product and create some instagram posts. Head over to the Barley Belt in Calgary and visit Cabin and tell them Roth and Ramberg sent you.

Dayton Boots

Dayton Boots has been an East Van institution since 1946. Originally started as a workboots for lumberjacks, it has expanded into custom leather boots that will last a lifetime. There was a time where if you wore Dayton's you were banned from the bar, too many barroom brawls perhaps? Regardless the tradition continues today and the place itself hasn't changed much over the years.

Elbow Room

We had the opportunity to take a variety of photos for a new restaurant in Calgary called the Elbow Room. The goal was to create images for both web and social media. By the way the food is delicious.

Ten Days in NYC

As photographers, we always want to challenge and push ourselves to learn new things and take better photos. One thing we've never done is street photography, so what better place to practice then the city of NY. We spent ten days wandering every borough and came up with 365 photos for a one a day self promotion calendar. Below are some of our favorites.

Newfoundland Beard and Moustache Club

We got a call from our friends at Ray Agency in St Johns Newfoundland. They had a client, the Beard and Moustache Club of Newfoundland and Labrador who were hoping we would donate our time and take photos of their members dressed up as merby's. They produce a calendar every year in order to raise funds for local charities. The obvious answer was "yes"

Tequila Tromba

We were asked by the great people at Tequila Tromba to head down to Mexico and get some photos of their operations as well as some photos to show the lifestyle and area known as the Tequila Region.

Out of the Woods

We spent some time travelling Vancouver Island, photographing and meeting woodworkers. It eventually turned into a book showing the stories and studios and work of some local woodworkers.

Torngat Mountains

We had the fortunate opportunity to spend some time in the remote Torngat Mountains located in Labrador. To access you have to take a plane to an abandoned US landing strip, then take a boat past some icebergs until you get to the main camp. There you stay in igloo yerts and are protected by Inuit people carrying guns in order to keep the polar bears away. A life changing trip indeed as we found ourselves being in places where only a handful of people ever have had the good fortune to stand.